Thought you wanted a burger and when you really wanted Thai? No problem! If a dining experience doesn’t live up to your expectation, you aren’t satisfied with your choice of restaurant, or you just change your mind, you can exchange your certificate at anytime.  No questions asked!  You can easily exchange your Restaurant Certificate for a different restaurant on our program with an equivalent value.

The self-exchange process is easy and efficient.  Follow these steps below:

  • Log into your account by clicking on My Account
  • Click on “Restaurant Certificates,” which is the first option under the heading of “My Orders” on the left side of the screen
  • You will see the blue ‘Exchange’ link to the right of each of your restaurant certificates.
  • Click on the ‘Exchange’ link
  • Check off that you certify that the certificate has not been used.
  • Press the green ‘Exchange Certificate’ button, and you immediately will be presented with two options: Redeem Now or Redeem Later.

If you choose Redeem Now, you will select a new restaurant.  You can also wait to redeem the credit later which is now assigned in your account as a eGift Card for later use. This eGift Card will appear under the Gift Cards section in under “My Orders” and you can use it to select a new Restaurant Certificate whenever you’re ready!

Please note that certificates can always be exchanged for another certificate of equal face value, not the original purchase price.