Although rare, restaurants can go out of business or change owners without informing If the restaurant is permanently closed or does not accept your Restaurant Gift Certificate, we will make it right for you!

Please accept our apology and fill out the form below. Please fill in all required fields, like the Restaurant Certificate number, and any specific details that happened during your restaurant visit. If you have more than one certificate to the same restaurant, please note you only need to fill out the form and information below one time. After you have completed and submitted this form, please login to your account to exchange your Restaurant Certificate. Your unused Restaurant Gift Certificate will be exchanged immediately for credit to the website in the form of a eGift Card. Using this credit, you can select another one of our participating restaurants. You may find detailed exchanging instructions here:

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We really appreciate the time it takes for you to report such an event! Once you report an issue, we will also work hard to ensure that restaurant is removed from our listing.