You do not have to use your whole Gift Card, or credit, at one time.

If you purchased a Gift Card on the site or we issued you an eGift Card as an exchange, the Gift Card code is available in your account with the balance in the “My Account” section under Gift Cards. You will be able to redeem the remaining balance from there.

If you received a Gift Card or eGift Card as a gift or a reward, you can save this code to your account for later use by entering the code from the back of the Gift Card. Next you will be prompted to sign-in to your account. From there, you can select a restaurant-specific certificate or end your session. The credit will be saved to your account.

Please hang on to the physical Gift Card if you do not sign-in to your account in that session.  We do not have access to the unused balance because we do not have a record of your gift or reward. If you lose the original code, we will not be able to replace it.

A Gift Card, or eGift Card, can be redeemed for Restaurant Certificates of any value up to the total face value of the card. For example, a $50 Gift Card can be redeemed for two $25 Restaurant Certificates.